Sunday, September 07, 2008

How To Create Easy Crochet Picture Afghans

Author: A Graf

Creating picture afghans are made most of the time using a Tunisian Simple stitch. You can find Tunisian crochet tutorials at With a published graph or a few simple graph-making tools, yarn in a variety of colors, and easy Tunisian crochet hooks, you'll be on your way to making gorgeous, colorful afghans with images of anything your heart desires! If you prefer to follow written instructions, graphs can easily be converted to text. To do this, write down how many stitches of each color are needed for each row.

Many types of images and photos can be converted into graphs. Cross stitch graphs may be used as well as you own photos placed onto graph paper. There are software programs available for cross-stitch that are very helpful in creating designs for easy Tunisian crochet. PC Stitch or Instant Stitch 2.0 are good programs to use and easy to learn.

Easy graphs are best for the beginner you can use a spreadsheet program such as Excel to set a row and and width in order to create a square block gride, then use the color pallete to select the colors for your design. Graph paper also works by drawing your image on the paper and using a photocopy machine to get the size you need.

The Internet is a great source for graphs also. Search for free cross-stitch graphs, patterns, tunisian crochet graphs, free graph paper maker, cross-stitch freeware, and graph freeware.

For more free crochet patterns visit... or search your favorite search engine for Tunisian crochet patterns

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